Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Keyboard command sets like yourself how the outsourcing of data entry can be done easily?

data entry work in the same paragraph is necessary to type in Bengali and English. Fonts change a lot of times they're boring. And if the action can be easily like it`s help key boar. This is the macro tools. You can easily customize the tool to the task. To do first

  All programs under the Start menu to open the MS word program. Image - (1) as-

customize tool image
Go to Tools, then customize the image (2) as
 tool image
Then go to keybord Figure (3) as
sutunny mj image
Go to the right side of Fonts Font to specify what you want to be. Here I will write Bengali slect sutnny mj did so. Figure (4)
shortcut tool image
Then press new shortcut key box, then press Ctrl + B from the cursor to assign
keybord image
At the left side of the box with the current key Ctrl + B is close to the text that appears in the box to get out of the two. Figure -keybord. Image 5

 keybord command image
Use the keyboard command in English and in exactly the same way. First Tools >>> Customize >>> Keyboard >>> Fonts >>> Font >>> Times new roman >>> Press new shortcut key >>>> Ctrl + E >>>> assign >>> Close >>> > close.

 tool image
Figure 6. Font change would be an issue here, then you can always press Ctrl + Alt + B
 keybord image
keyboard, you need to. This is not the place to the delight of the disturbance. Figure -6

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