Friday, April 10, 2015

How to File Upload via FTP during outsourcing work.

The site verify the Google webmaster tool, you need to File upload via FTP. Or your client's site while outsourcing may be the FTP File Upload. Your problem may be the case. The solution of this post.To do this you have to do.At first, download the filezilla software from the internet. Then, filezilla software to open the folder on your computer that are in there. To open the install. After installation  Please open it now. To see some of the top of the login box is provided. Now that the data will be put in the box missing some extra wandering where to find you? You can see this information C-pannel of your site's value to the FTP hosting site to login. You can go there to see. There is everything you need to Login to FTP. Putting the data on the FTP, please login. And after that look on the left side of the FTP. Your computer has the option to file brows. From there you can select the file you want to upload. And on the right click. You'll see the option to upload here. You will see when the upload select gone from left to right. This way you will be able to upload files.

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