Tuesday, April 7, 2015

How to start on page optimization? What is the letest strategies of on page optimization?

If you want to make online income by outsourcing web developing learning. Seo can be learned in one of online income. That's all there in seo strategies. The first step is on page optimization. What's On page optimization?

on page optimization strategies applied to the inside of your website is so. On page optimization is simply to finish some work. This step is very simple. Down on page optimization tasks are discussed in the series -At first glance you have to do is to be -

1. First you need to create a meta tag to your site. And paste it to your site's html head section of the title tag of the above.

2. meta tag after the paste. According to the rules you need to submit your website to Google.

3. Then you have to submit your website to Google webmaster tools.

4. Then you need to create a website's site map. (Site map of your website on a map., Which is a clear sense of the search engine to your website. For example, a map of a country is in your hands. If you are easily found in any district of the country. Just as the search engine.For example, if Google to have your website's site map. If Google can easily understand what your site is.) To create a sitemap, it will be able to upload at FTP Software with your website. There is another method of FTP software. The html code that will give you the Google webmaster. At the head section of your website to upload.

5. Making this the right way to submit your sitemap to Google.If you are following the steps above, one after another. On page optimization, you're done. Down the steps described above are discussed, including the series of images. 

1. First, create a meta tag for your site. To create a meta tag to your html code will be required. cod is 

<meta name = "description" content = "Here is your or your client's site description" /><Meta name = "keywords" content = "Here is your or your client's site keyword to enter the comma" /><Meta name = "author" content = "Here is your or your client's site, enter the name of the owner of" /> 

To bear in mind. If you do not use the capital letter in the meta tag. Always be used in small letter. Create your meta tag past the site of your or your cleint html head section of the body below.

2. Then you need to submit to the site Google and Yahoo. It will start with the original work. To do this you have to go to  www.google.com/addurl  Or does Google search by typing in the submit url. Then enter the link icon. Enter the address of your website (in the box). Then the captcha entry. Then click submit.

3. Then you have to start using Google webmaster tools in the series. To know details Google webmaster tool click here.

4. onpage optimization of these steps is the sitemap creation. How do you create a sitemap for your site. click here to site map

5. This is the last step of the on page optimization. You made the sitemap. To submit it to Google. Go to the Google webmaster tools. View sitemap word is written, please click there. add test / a sitemap article, please click. See http://yoursite.com/ form just happen to have on your site After that a box. Enter the word in the box at the sitemap.xml.To Submit sitemap click. View sitemap submitted to write this up. Please refresh the page click Next. Showing your sitemap.

And we came to an end with the on page optimization. We hope you have done the right way to do this. Basically, if the above steps, onpage optimization is done the right way.

Thank you have a good day..............

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