Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How can we make money from bangladesh through outsourcing strategies?


Bangladesh is on the edge of the door to the development of the outsourcing of a great potential to increase the amount of the country's GDP. Because of the amount of the hard-working people is much higher. Tended to the young generation of the internet. Bangladesh has the potential to go a long way. If we could put it to proper use. Although the country's main foreign income source garment. Regardless of who is right way to utilize the internet and if outsourcing or freelancing. If all of this is a good way of explaining the matter of income. Will increase our foreign income. The spread between the little promotion possible. Among them are the ones who are using the internet more than the number of young people. so we can say there have many possibility of outsourcing strategies in Bangladesh.

That is a large part of the population is young. The youth of a country's economic development to be done to accelerate the wheel. The total population of the country is now more than 18 to 35-year-old man. About 3 percent of the population (Statistics CIA - The World Factbook). And is maintained in these estimates 015 - 016 has the potential to rise to 40 percent by it.

When the proportion of the young active population of a country is the greatest. Referred to it as the Demographic Dividend or a Demographic Bonus. This condition is called the Windows of Opportunity. North continues to grow through the development of any country. Bangladesh has huge amounts of thing. Now is the right time, our population is not properly utilized. For many of us it can be called mistakes and misfortunes. Because of the wealth of any country in the right way at the right time can not apply. If it is a burden for any country and will cause serious danger. Bangladesh is not the way this threat. So this is the suit currently this work to educate the public of a performance or a freelancer as well as one of the most effective solution would be to build. Later that could save us from the threat of the population.

Outsourcing can be said about the manner of speaking,this strategies is a convenient way in which you can at the time. To work at all with all the institutions involved. They take the help of any external organization or person to do the job themselves. This can be done in any particular part of the project. Or the whole project.

Freelancing is longer when you do not have any particular organization. Would rather different organizations or individuals working on contract. There's like the freedom to determine the type of freelancer work, and also the desire, then the freedom to work from wherever. Freelancers are not limited to the traditional office time.Companies that are involved with freelancing. Their main objective is usually to reduce the cost of production. Again a lot of time in the absence of the required period of time, effort, or lack of technology is to work with others freelancer. The IT-specific tasks (eg - Web Development, Software Development, Writing & Content, Design, Multimedia & Architecture, SEO / SEM / SMM, Data Entry etc.) is the administrative freelancer. And for some countries to provide such services is significant in India, Ukraine, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, China, Philippines, Russia, Pakistan, Panama, Nepal, Bangladesh, Romania, Malaysia, Egypt and many other countries.

So - would sooner say, outsourcing is a good opportunity for the country. Students the opportunity to get an eyeball, servicemen, or anyone can use. This one's the right time now. If you apply the right way at the time, we get an eyeball. However, we can say that it will not fall. It also benefit, as can be, so the land can be taken forward in the way of improvement.

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